Kitchen Expansion

Letter from the client:

Just a quick note of recommendation for Trans-National Builders, Jack Levine and his staff.  I have to say, from day one, the nicest people to have in my home, working away for 8 months.  I was there, living through it and sincerely felt 100% confident in the work, artistry and skill being performed on a daily basis.  Pleasant workers, happy workers, skilled and efficient.  Also, anything I asked of Jack, he was there for me, through thick and thin.  I also have to add, nightly, clean up was a must and never missed.  His workers were just superstars.

Time took what it took, Jack was honest about how long it would take.  When I was frustrated he handled my emotions very well.  Which is a plus, if you ask me.  I felt he had my best interest at heart every step of the way!

I highly recommend Trans-National Builders, Jack and his team.  I know remodeling is expensive, but never, ever forget when it comes to your home the old saying “you get what you pay for” is never more true.  I paid a little extra to have excellent quality.  End of story.  My house is AMAZING NOW!!!


Lisa Cavallo